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7 Signs of Grief


You’re most likely grieving for the changes you see in your loved one, as well as the changes in your relationship with him/her. The closeness and intimacy you once shared may be gone now, and it is normal to feel grief for the loss of your once-loving relationship.

Symptoms of grief may include:

  1. Feeling sad.
  2. Feeling powerless.
  3. Feeling discouraged.
  4. Being mad at or frustrated with your loved one.
  5. Not sleeping well or sleeping too much.
  6. Not eating enough or eating more than normal.
  7. Lack of desire to participate in normal family or social activities.

Remember to be proud of yourself for providing care to your loved one at this difficult time. Recognize that you are doing the very best that you can, and don’t feel guilty about not being able to do more. You are providing love, loyalty and support, and that should give you great satisfaction.