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A Modern-Day Annie Oakley

Born in 1922, Dorothy grew up on three plantations – Wolfeton, Belmont and Delta. Her father was a farmer and her mother a school teacher. Dorothy followed in her parents’ footsteps enjoying the outdoors and teaching Sunday school for forty years. Her interest and passion in education led to a move from a two-room school house to a newly built school, Carrie E. Gould Elementary.

Dorothy married Robert in 1942, moved to Savannah, GA and together they had three children. When reflecting on her life, Dorothy stated, “I have had a wonderful life doing what I love, especially helping others.” With her husband and family, she learned to shoot rifles, eventually acquiring 36 medals in competitions. This impressive woman learned to hunt deer, fish and water ski in addition to her incredible rifle skills.

In 2007, she moved to Brunswick to be near her daughter and resides at a local nursing center. Dorothy loves the interaction with others and having her daughter nearby. “Being with Heartland Hospice has given my mother more care and quality care. During this pandemic, it has given me a peace of mind that she has extra hands-on care and I get regular updates. It has been extremely rough not being able to hug and love on her,” said her daughter, Alice.

Dorothy is the epitome of a true southern lady and we are honored to be able to care for her and her family.