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Bill's Stroke Recovery Story

at MedBridge at ManorCare Health Services - Elk Grove Village


Bill was admitted to MedBridge at ManorCare for comprehensive skilled nursing and intensive therapy following a stroke.

"From when I was admitted to MedBridge at ManorCare Health Services - Elk Grove Village in August, I have made significant progress with my health and rehabilitation. I worked with physical, occupational and speech therapy during my stay. Margi, Speech Therapist, taught me how to swallow properly so that I would not have any further problems with aspiration. Casey and Noelle, my physical therapists, really helped me. Casey is a sponge for knowledge. I learned so much from him. They also made me realize what I still needed to work on during my sessions with them. Audrey, my occupational therapist, helped me with my upper body strength and was very knowledgeable in helping me regain my independence. I was on the MedBridge unit during my stay and I enjoyed the nursing staff. They were helpful and responsive. It was important for me to get the help I needed when I was debilitated and needed help for basically everything. The staff as a whole was positive during my stay. Positive attitudes make a big difference and I never met anyone at ManorCare - Elk Grove Village who didn't have one." - Bill