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Butterfly Release Memorial Held to Honor Loved Ones


St. Mark's Living and Heartland Hospice hosted a Butterfly Release Memorial to honor those who have passed on. A crowd of onlookers waited before the symbolic event began. Butterflies were released from a small white box to remember loved ones who have recently passed. St. Mark's officials say the release is very symbolic.

"The butterfly release is an opportunity for us to honor those people who have gone before us," explains Heartland Hospice Administrator, Darlene Feltes, "and to be able to do that in a community setting here at St. Mark's, what a nice opportunity. The butterflies symbol change and transformation, which makes this kind of a wonderful way to celebrate someone's passing."

Over 100 butterflies were released into the air as a symbol of change and beauty.  This is the fourth year of the butterfly release, but this year was the first time in Austin, Minnesota.  Heartland Hospice performs the butterfly release in a 16 county area. 

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