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Case Study: Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Memory Care residents benefit from Arden Courts' specialized programming designed around their interests and abilities.

Characteristics of Dementia with Lewy Bodies

  • Average age of occurrence: 75-80 years of age
  • Average duration: 5 to 8 years
  • Brain areas affected: Presence of Lewy Bodies, which are abnormal deposits of protein alpha-synuclein formed inside the brain nerve cells.
  • Key symptoms: Parkinson's-like symptoms, including tremors, stiffness, shuffled gait, falls, impaired memory, poor judgement, recurrent visual hallucinations, cognitive fluctuations.

Our Resident's Story

Roger lived a physically active and adventure-filled life. Even after retirement, he would rock climb and embark on longer hikes. Then, Roger's family started to notice a slight decline. Roger no longer felt comfortable going to his favorite park, choosing instead to walk around his neighborhood block.


Individual Pursuits

When he moved into Arden Courts, Roger still wanted to go on long walks. The walking paths at Arden Courts were easily accessible to Roger and led back to a safe entry. Even in the winter, Roger would bundle up in a hat, coat and gloves and head outdoors.


Engagement Therapy

As Roger's disease progressed, his vision became impaired. Arden Courts staff provided him with large print books so he could continue to read. He enjoyed programs on the National Parks, travel and American heroes, even though it took him longer to examine the pictures and artifacts. He enjoyed sharing his experiences with traveling and exploring.


Lifestyle Programming

Roger is an outgoing fellow, but his disease has made it difficult for him to maintain friendships. To help him feel a part of the group, his family provided slide shows of his travels. Arden Courts staff shares these with the group and Roger sometimes suggests refreshments to compliment the program. He also enjoys music programs and can still dance.


Namaste Care

Namaste Care is a wonderful alternative when Roger feels overwhelmed by the bustle and noise of large group activities. Staff meet his sensory needs in Namaste with music, the scent of flowers, and lots of touch and quite conversation. Roger also enjoys looking at a specially-made scrapbook that highlights his favorite walks and climbs.


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