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Celebrate National Doctor's Day


We are proud to celebrate National Doctor’s Day, March 30, 2021.  This annual celebration provides an opportunity to recognize physicians nationwide for their tireless commitment to providing excellent patient care.

The date of Doctor’s Day originates from the date widely considered to represent the discovery of anesthesia. On March 30, 1842, in Barrow County, Ga., Crawford B. Long, M.D., administered inhaled ether to a patient before removing a tumor.  What originally was observed as a day honoring doctors in Georgia grew into a national annual observance, including the customary red carnation as the symbolic flower.

In honor of this day, we would like to thank physicians in our community who have dedicated their professional lives to providing comfort and quality care to all home health and hospice patients. Their guidance and support to help eligible patients get access to home health care benefits, as well as access to hospice benefits as they face the many challenges of living with a life-limiting illness is admirable.