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Why Choose Heartland-ManorCare for Skilled Nursing & Rehab?

You have a choice, and it's a critical and complex decision.


The Heartland and ManorCare team members are here to help. Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers have a proven track record of getting patients rehabilitated and back to their lives. We understand patients' apprehension after a major medical issue, their desire to get home and their anxiety about their recovery.

That is why our team is focused on:

  • providing an interdisciplinary team approach to care,
  • having clinical capabilities to manage complex acuity not available in a home setting,
  • maintaining state-of-the-art equipment,
  • reducing re-hospitalization and length of stay,
  • efficiently managing costs while providing patient-centered care,
  • offering well-appointed facilities, amenities and activities. 


We are proud of our results:

More than 152,800 patients choose us for post-hospital rehabilitation care

On average, our rehab patients stay less than 30 days

We have formal contracts with more than 250 managed care plans with case managers to help direct patient care

More than 83% of our rehab patients are discharged home

Nearly 83% of our patients complete rehab treatment without returning to the hospital

A recent study found that 57% of American adults with complex medical needs (patients diagnosed with two or more major chronic conditions such as stroke or diabetes) have trouble with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing. 62% of these adults don't have a support system at home to assist them.*



*2016 Commonwealth Fund Survey of High Needs Patients