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Clare & Victor's Recovery Stories

at Heartland Health Care Center - Canton


Victor and his wife, Clare, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on June 20, 2018 while they were at Heartland Health Care Center - Canton. Victor and Clare have both had multiple rehab stays at Heartland over the past decade. Most recently, Victor was admitted following exacerbation of his congestive heart failure and Clare was admitted after hip surgery.

“This was our fourth time at Heartland. I was here in 2015 and my husband, Victor, was here in 2016, 2017 and 2018. We returned to Heartland because of the great experience we had with the Heartland staff. The physical therapists and nurses were exceptional. The Heartland staff - Michael, Kay, Ranjith, Michelle, Athena and Andrea - were wonderful! There are so many great people who work at Heartland that it’s difficult to remember all of their names. Additionally, the nurse aides truly helped and took care of you if you needed anything. Food was great. The Heartland - Canton building is warm, clean and friendly. We were taken care of and everyone was kind to us.” - Clare, Heartland Patient