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Daily Life Programming at Arden Courts

One size does not fit all


When it comes to structuring a meaningful day for people living with dementia, one size does not fit all. Programs that are not adjusted to the individual's needs and functional ability are not effective. Daily Life programming, based on interests, hobbies and habits of a lifetime, serve as a better foundation for an enriching experience. 

Arden Courts, a 100% dedicated memory care community, recognizes and pairs this foundation with residents' current cognitive and functional abilities. Creativity with a purpose helps facilitate success by offering four distinct types of programming.


Individual Pursuits

Programs for individual pursuits are designed for residents who may choose not to attend or are cognitively unable to participate in structured group programs. These individuals may prefer to stroll outdoors, prune plants, sweep the porch, sand wood or work on a word game. Individuals diagnosed with a typical dementias such as Lewy Body Dementia and Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) often benefit from individual pursuits versus large group programming.  

Engagement Therapy Treatment® (ETT)

Engagement Therapy Treatment (ETT) is an exclusive program that was created to provide small groups to opportunity to socialize and share with others with similar functional and cognitive abilities. Residents join together to share like interests such as art appreciation, poetry, fun with food and crafty creations. Ejoying times together and sharing past and present memories allows resident sin the early statges of their disease to provide shared communication in an environment where opinions and the art of storytelling are valued and honored.


Lifestyle Programming

Lifestyle programming is scheduled and planned programming that provides structure and stimulates in an open community social setting. This programming stimulates friendship in the moment for residents with dementia. Individuals are welcomed to participate in ways that are reasonable and meaningful to them. Activities are focused on intellectual sensory, intergenerational, physical, spiritual community, creative and social events. Activities are inclusive and the myriad of choices are designed to entertain and involve the individual based on interests, hobbies and routines.  

 Namaste Care

Namaste is a Hindu term meaning "honoring the spirit within." Arden Courts was the first national company to use the Namaste Care Program. The focus of the program at Arden Courts is to engage individuals with advanced dementia with "loving touch" in an environment that nurtures and stimulates the senses. The setting is specifically created with attention to the senses of small, touch, taste, hearing and vision. Special nature scenes, warmth, touch, hydration and nurturing. 

"It was my highest compliment that I entrusted you with my dear mother; who thrived, in her own way, in your care. I am humbled by the dedication and great warmth you all bring to your work every single day. I feel a special gratitude that Mom was included in your Namaste program and that your nurturing brought a brightness to her everyday life there. I give you all our heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of our Mom. She was not only safe with you, she was happy." - Susie (a loving daughter)

Arden Courts has found that residents who participate in our uniquely designed programming experience profound moments of satisfaction and joy. Benefits may include:

  • Increased socialization
  • Increased self-esteem and individual dignity
  • IMproved nutrition and hydration
  • Freedom of expression and communication


At Arden Courts, we know, we understand and we can help because memory care is all we do. Find a location near you.


About Arden Courts

Arden Courts was researched, designed and developed for individuals with Alzheimer's and related forms of dementia. Because memory care is all we do and our well-designed safety features are there for residents' protection, residents have the freedom to move about while remaining safe and secure. Arden Courts' open floor plan offers our residents opportunities and benefits that other facilities with locked units or locked floors cannot. Our warm and caring staff is extensively trained in working with residents with memory impairments. Our programs were developed to maximize each resident's remaining skills and abilities to enhance their sense of independence and increase their self-esteem. A wide variety of programs are offered throughout the day designed to provide our residents with many engaging moments.