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Daughter of Hospice Patient Expresses Sincere Appreciation for Her Father's Nurse


Every day, Heartland Hospice receives thanks for the care they have provided to a patient or someone’s loved one. Many say they don’t have the words to describe their appreciation and simply say “Thanks.” Recently, Heartland Hospice Serving the Grand Strand recently received a thank you letter from the daughter of a patient expressing her gratitude for the wonderful care her father received.

"I would like to take this opportunity to express, on behalf of my father, Edward, and myself, our sincere appreciation for the assistance provided by Ashlee Scarborough, RN, in Myrtle Beach. Heartland Hospice serving The Grand Strand, a division of ProMedica, was recommended to my father since he lives alone and is in need of assistance. Ashlee went out of her way to quickly introduce herself and Heartland Hospice to him. Her in-person introduction was professional, personable, warm and inviting which put my father at ease with this new stage of his health care. She made him aware of the many ways that Heartland Hospice can provide assistance.

This personal touch and contact by Ashlee was greatly appreciated by not only my father, but also by myself. I live over three hours away and to have someone we feel comfortable with assisting him with his needs is a blessing. She took time to explain the various services available to us in a clear and easy to understand way. She was willing to review and repeat information for my father as needed and did so with great patience. She was forced on answering all of our questions and providing us with the necessary information we needed to have Heartland Hospice as a partner in his care.

Ashlee is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and provide that added level of professional support. One such example is when she took the time to wait at the doctor's office for them to work up the orders necessary for my dad's assistance through the program. I cannot begin to tell you how much that was appreciated, especially since I could not be there myself for a few more weeks. Her extra efforts allowed us to get the services with Heartland Hospice started in an expedited manner to address the assistance needs of my father.

Working with Ashlee has been a joy and having her engaged in my father's care has provided me with a level of comfort and peace of mind. She took the time to understand his needs and knows when circumstances require a level of urgency.

Please pass along our sincere appreciation for all that she has done and continues to do in providing care for my father.

Sincerely, Angela"