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Daughter of Hospice Patient Thankful for Nurse Who is More Like Family

**Photo taken before COVID-19 masking requirements.**

**Photo taken before COVID-19 masking requirements.**

Working in hospice takes a strong will, a full heart and plenty of compassion. When that compassion reaches our patients’ families, that's when we know we have truly lived out our Mission. Heartland Hospice serving Chicagoland North recently received a wonderful testimonial from Joan, the daughter of hospice patient Marianna. Joan wanted to let the Heartland team know how much her and her mom both value RN case manager, Georgeanna.

“I wanted to take the time to recognize and thank Georgeanna, a valuable member of the Heartland team. She may be young, but she is a dynamo and the perfect match for my mother, Marianna, who lives at Brookdale in Des Plaines.  

Georgeanna took over Mom's care after training with another Heartland nurse who had previously cared for Mom. We were sorry to see her go, but she felt that Georgeanna was ready to leave the nest and fly on her own. Not only can Georgeanna (or ‘G’ as I call her) fly, but she swoops in with boundless energy and takes care of whatever needs to be done. Let me list some of the many positive qualities which have endeared Georgeanna to our family:

  • Georgeanna always arrives bright and early with a smile that rarely leaves her face. She is a breath of fresh air and a blast of sunshine for Mom. 
  • Mom, who is 97 years old, can be stubborn at times.  Georgeanna has a very loving and caring relationship with her but can also hold her own when Mom gets feisty. G can redirect, revisit or negotiate with Mom when she is being stubborn. The rapport G has with Mom is something that marvels me and makes me laugh at times. 
  • When Mom's former nurse assistant left the company, G offered to shower Mom, wash her hair and change her sheets. She often does all three on the same day, depending on how Mom is feeling. Now that Mom is much weaker, Georgeanna also helps with setting her hair. This is a real accomplishment because three of us family members have been ‘fired’ from that job and one is ‘on probation’ for poor service in the past! 
  • Georgeanna is flexible and very much in tune with Mom's capabilities on any given day and has never complained of the extra responsibilities. 
  • Georgeanna is very conscientious about preparing Mom's medications and makes sure that there are always enough. The same can be said for disposable pants and wipes. When there have been problems with the oxygen, G has always taken care of whatever needs to be done.
  • Georgeanna always calls me during or after her visits to give me Mom's vitals and any other information. In turn, I text that information to four other family members, so we all know the latest. Some days, Georgeanna cheers me up when I'm ready to cry about what's going on with Mom! 
  • As Mom continues to decline both physically and mentally, she has had anxiety attacks. At times, Georgeanna has made a special trip to Mom's and if that is not possible, G has been in contact with the Brookdale nurse who assists in calming Mom and getting her breathing back to normal. 
  • Georgeanna has become an integral part of our family. When Mom was confined to her apartment for three months, G would take pictures of Mom's refrigerator so I could tell my sister-in-law what to buy when shopping for Mom. Before Mom was given a GrandPad by Home Instead (her night caregiver agency), Georgeanna was kind enough to FaceTime with me so I could see Mom while talking with her.  
  • Georgeanna has also gone on several ‘search and find missions’ looking for ‘lost or stolen’ items (such as hearing aid batteries, food, shampoo, etc.) in Mom's apartment. Many times, the family has bought necessary items for Mom, only to have her hide them and then not be able to remember where she has hidden them! Georgeanna to the rescue!

In closing, let me say that Georgeanna is kind and loving. She is also respectful, conscientious and calming. She is awesome and holds a very special spot in our family's hearts. Please let her know how much we value and respect her.

Sincerely, Joan Moser”