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Don’t Gamble at the Game of Life


Everyday life has a way of throwing curveballs.  Unexpected injuries, illnesses and surgeries can make you want to “fold” and give up your chances at a win.  It’s important to keep your head in the game though, and never give up.  The game of life isn’t over! You still have plenty of chances at a comeback! 

What if you were handed a “get out of jail” card?  Another chance to “buy in” and keep playing? What if you were told that the “get out of jail” card could help you return to your highest level of independence?  What if you were told the “get out of jail” card would offer you the chance to relearn the life skills needed to function in daily life?  What if you could return to the lifestyle you were used to and the hobbies you loved before you were derailed by illness or injury?  What if the “get out of jail” card was a “nursing home?”


Nursing Homes of Today

The nursing homes of today are not the nursing homes your grandparents and great-grandparents lived in when no one was able to care for them.  The nursing homes of today,” also known as “skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers” function as smaller hospitals, caring for patients with more complex medical conditions and ailments.  What many people do not know, is that nursing homes are capable of caring for neurological, orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary and oncology patients.  These so-called “nursing homes” are actually the logical next step for patients after discharge from the hospital.


Are you thinking “I don’t need a nursing home?”

Think again. Getting the “all clear” from your physician after a hospital stay may be some of the best news you have ever received.  But, you really need to be honest with yourself to reduce your chances or ending up back in the same hospital bed. Consider the following questions to be sure you aren’t cheating yourself or your recovery.

  • Can I care for myself?
    • Cook
    • Clean
    • Vacuum
    • Laundry
    • Shower
    • Get dressed
  • Can I navigate my home?
    • Stairs
    • Tile floors
    • Carpet
    • Doorways
    • Furniture
  • Can I return to the hobbies and activities I enjoy without assistance?
    • Crafts
    • Bowling
    • Driving
    • Shopping
    • Hiking
    • Landscaping
  • Would a little extra rehabilitation help me maximize my independence?
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Activities of Daily Living


If any of these considerations caused you to question your abilities and independence, you should consider a “nursing home.” It may not be your preference, but it usually is the most logical next step in your recovery.  The decision may just reduce your chances at returning to the hospital. It’s not worth the gamble of experiencing a setback or another injury.  A short nursing home stay could be the preventative measure you need to confidently say “I won!” at this so-called game of life.  It may be the “get out of jail” card you have been looking for.