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Engagement Therapy Treatment


Engagement Therapy Treatment® (ETT) is a tailored personalized program which helps residents to socialize and share with others. The program is based on personal and historical information gained from conversations and interviews with the residents' families and the residents themselves, combined with information provided from our personal lifestyle biographies and from our Program Placement Evaluation Tool. 

Hat Versus Airplane Ride

After learning about Kay's lifelong love of hats, the staff at Arden Courts created an ETT program on "Accessories" - hats, gloves, brooches and handbags. Kay's daughter had lovingly preserved her mom's cherished hats and brought them to Arden Courts to be used for the program. Reflecting on her lifelong love of hats, Kay happily volunteered stories regarding various hats and their significance. Other members of the group began to share their own memories, as one participant stated, "You weren't truly dressed without a hat!"

During the ETT event, Kay stated, "I have a story about a hat. My father gave me a choice of $5.00 or an airplane ride. I took the money and went straight to the store and bought my very first hat!" 


What is Engagement Therapy?

Engagement Therapy Treatment (ETT) was created to provide small group programming opportunities to socialize and share with others based on similar functional and cognitive abilities. This innovative caregiving technique integrates unique life experiences of the past with present interests. ETT personalizes programs based on their present level of cognitive and functional ability. This joining of past and present interests and skills maximizes abilities and provides a therapeutic environment for our residents.


What is the Philosophy Behind Our Engagement Therapy Treatment Program?

 HCR ManorCare developed a caregiving technique for persons living with memory loss that reaches beyond everyday activities. This therapeutic program encompasses lifestyle preferences, background life stories, Adult Montessori concepts and strategies based on cognitive function.

Personalized invitations, themed topics and related visual and written materials are utilized to initiate participation and discussion. Small groups enable residents to share commonalities and insights. Worksheets allow participants to review, write, and express opinions of what was discussed and learned.

Capturing moments using our ETT program principles capitalizes on the philosophy that ability, capabilities and preferences equal success.

"Engagement Therapy Treatment groups help to open doors in the hearts and minds of our residents that sometimes appear closed. Every ETT experience is a journey to a place that gives our residents a chance to learn something new, or to reminisce about something old. The enjoyment of the experience is in the journey." - Polly, Program Services Coordinator

How will an ETT Program Benefit my Loved One?

HCR ManorCare has found that residents who participate in our ETT programming experience profound moments of satisfaction and joy. Some benefits of residents who participate in ETT programs include:

  • Increased socialization with our residents
  • Increased self-esteem and individual dignity

Themed, organized programming promotes inclusion and participation. Residents connect with the materials presented resulting in a freedom to express opinions and rememberances: past experiences are brought forward; insights are communicated and shared amongst friends. 

"As a Programming Services Coordinator at Arden Courts, I have experienced firsthand the renewed sense of purpose and worth that Engagement Therapy Treatment offers our residents. It provides a way to touch the part of the soul that can never be lost through memory loss." - Leah

For additional information about ETT or any of the unique services Arden Court's provides, contact the number below to schedule a tour or simply feel free to ask questions you may have about Alzheimer's and related dementias. 

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