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HCR ManorCare Honors 2019 Third-Quarter National Champion of Caring


HCR ManorCare takes great pride in its helpful, caring and responsive employees who are committed to providing quality care to our patients and residents. Our employees around the country are regularly honored at their locations by patients, residents, family members and fellow employees for the care and caring they provide. Our company has taken the recognition a step higher in launching a program that honors on a quarterly basis an HCR ManorCare Champion of Caring, a national champion across all service lines.

2019 Third-Quarter Champion Announced

“I am proud to announce that our 2019 third-quarter HCR ManorCare Champion of Caring is Karen Cleveland-Herron, Volunteer Coordinator at Heartland Hospice of Shawnee, Oklahoma,” said David Parker, president of HCR ManorCare. “Karen’s ability to organize an extraordinary team of volunteers continually provides the care our patients need and deserve along their end-of-life journey.” For her nearly 16 years at Heartland Hospice of Shawnee, Karen’s devotion to patients and families has been recognized by all who have had the pleasure of interacting with her. She has recruited volunteers with sign language proficiency to assist patients who are hearing-impaired. She has put together a volunteer team to assist with birthday parties, another for nail polishing and yet another that sends out cards of encouragement to patients. Most impressive is her caring for veterans. She has assembled a volunteer team that visits patients when admitted and presents them with a pin and certificate, thanking them for their service. Another part of her veterans program includes presentation of the service flags of each branch of the military and folding of the American flag, which occurs seven times a year. Her caring extends to co-workers, as well, such as leading efforts to assist fellow employees in need, all the while living the company’s core values.

Karen was chosen from among finalists representing each of HCR ManorCare’s five operating divisions.

We congratulate Karen, our 2019 third-quarter HCR ManorCare Champion of Caring, and each of her peer finalists. All exhibit the qualities of champion caregivers.”