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Celebrate National Healthcare Decisions Day


National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16, and we are offering a tool for the public to use when talking about their health care wishes with their family, friends and health care providers.

Our “Making Choices” brochure helps patients and family members open discussions about their health care decisions. Our hope is that this brochure will help more people in the community to plan ahead for their health care. It’s difficult to have these important discussions with your family and friends, but if we help them to plan, we are hoping that fewer families and health care providers will have to make the difficult decisions in the absence of guidance from the patient. The ultimate goal is to honor the patient’s wishes and the first step is to understand what the patient’s wishes are.

Our mission is to support the patient and family wherever they are in their health care journey and to respect their goals and values. We provide specialized care that meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and loved ones facing the challenges of an advanced illness. To receive a free copy of “Making Choices,” our tool to help guide patients and families through the discussion of important health decisions, please call the nearest hospice agency or home health agency.