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Heartland Hospice Fulfills Patient's Last Wish to Dress as an Authentic Cowboy


Heartland Hospice serving Southern Ohio, a division of ProMedica, was able to help patient, Carl Shelton, with his last wish to have authentic cowboy clothes; from the spurs to the hat!

Carl lives at Edgewood Manor of Wellston in Wellston, OH. He is diagnosed with COPD and cannot be without oxygen. Even with his health declining, he always has a smile for everyone he meets. Over the years, Carl had many different occupations, from truck driving to the railroad. He enjoys being outdoors and watching cowboy shows on television.

Carl does not have any family, but considers the staff at Edgewood Manor of Wellston as his close friends, especially Jessica Harrison, Edgewood Manor Admissions Director, and Holly Helmic, Heartland Hospice RN/Account Liaison. Carl was approached about a last wish and he stated that he has always loved westerns and it was his wish to have authentic cowboy clothes, especially boots with spurs and a real hat, and to go out for a nice steak.

Michelle Manring, Heartland Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, and Holly Helmic discussed with Karen Cox, Heartland Hospice Social Worker, about applying for The Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund Grant to help fulfill Carl’s last wish. When the grant was approved, Stephanie Lanane, Heartland Hospice Account Liaison, went out and purchased the cowboy clothes Carl had selected.

Carl was so surprised and grateful to the Heartland Hospice team and the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund for granting his last wish. As the day approached for his nice steak meal, Jessica, Holly, Karen and Stephanie took Carl to Rowdy’s Smokehouse, a local Western themed restaurant in Jackson, OH. The Rowdy’s Smokehouse Manager had reserved a special seat for Carl and his friends. Carl had a wonderful time out on the town, in his new cowboy clothes and spending time with his friends. He ate his steak and enjoyed a cup of coffee. Diners in the restaurant gave Carl a loving goodbye as he left.

Carl expressed his gratitude and has since told many of his friends at Edgewood Manor about his night out and his new clothes. “It was wonderful to do this for Carl, it was an honor. We had so much fun! Carl is a very special patient and man,” said Holly. “Carl had been looking forward to his night out in his cowboy gear, it was so great to see him so happy and to get his wish fulfilled,” said Stephanie. “This really made Carl happy and it helped him to feel loved and cared for. Giving him his wish and being a part of his joy is what Hospice is all about,” said Karen.

“This is why we, as a facility, love working with Heartland Hospice. The things they do for their patients goes above and beyond. Working with Karen Cox, Holly Helmic and Stephanie Lanane had been such a great experience, and to do the Wish Grant for Carl meant the world to him,” said Jessica.

The Heartland Memorial Fund made this cowboy’s dreams come true!