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Heartland Hospice Grants Patient's Wish to Take Her Family to Disney World


Heartland Hospice serving Northeast Florida, a division of ProMedica, granted patient, Ginata Richardson’s, last wish for her children to experience the magic of Disney World.

Ginata, mother of three children, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She spoke with Corina, RN, Heartland Hospice Case Manager, that she was at peace with her diagnosis, thankful for her life and her family. She shared with Corina that her youngest son was turning 5 at the end of May and her only wish was to watch him experience the magic of Disney World.

Corina immediately notified the rest of the staff at Heartland Hospice and everyone jumped into action to help with Ginata’s wish. Jesus, Heartland Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, reached out to the Dream Foundation and was given three key contacts within the foundation. Lisa, Heartland Hospice Administrator, wrote a letter to those contacts within the foundation explaining Ginata’s situation and her last wish. The Dream Foundation responded immediately to help grant her wish.

The Heartland Hospice agency collected $1,000 in a matter of two days and put the money on a Visa gift card for the family to use for meals, gas, souvenirs or whatever the family would need for their trip. The family was presented with the gift card and their very own Mickey Mouse ears, so they could go in true Disney fashion. A travel contract was secured with Cornerstone in Orlando, Florida and the family was on their way to Disney World. The Dream Foundation secured a room for Ginata and her family at the Marriott Grand Vista in Orlando for 5 days and tickets to Disney World for everyone. DME company, Decubex, made sure a high-back wheelchair was delivered to the hotel upon their arrival for Ginata.

The first day at the park was also unfortunately Ginata’s last day as she began to rapidly decline. Per her request, her parents ensured that her children were still able to enjoy their trip at Disney World. Cornerstone Hospice in Orlando was contacted to help with Ginata’s care at the hotel, and they were true angels! Heartland began working on a plan to help Ginata return to Jacksonville, understanding the fragility of her current condition. Heartland worked with their Ambulance provider and they were able to transport Ginata home from Orlando, as that is where she wanted to be. Ginata lost her fight on May 29th while surrounded by her parents, children and Corina with the memory of her children, especially her youngest son, enjoying the magic of Disney World.