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Heartland Hospice Helps Couple Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary


Heartland Hospice serving Greater Lehigh Valley helped hospice patient, Franklin, and his wife Doris celebrate Valentine’s Day and their 70th Wedding Anniversary. During one of Franklin’s music therapy visits which his wife Doris attends, Laura, Heartland Hospice Music Therapist, asked Doris if Heartland could help them celebrate their milestone anniversary.

On their celebration day, Doris shared their love story, which began over 70 years ago with a chance meeting at a high school football game and a few years later they were married on February 19, 1949. As Doris recounted their wedding day, she beamed with love for her sweetheart Franklin, “It was a beautiful summer-like day; a family affair with a modest reception at my parent’s home.”

Just like their typical music therapy visit with Laura, Doris was doting on Franklin and reminisced about him singing “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” in the high school play all those years ago. On their special day, Doris held his hand and said, “Laura’s here and we want to hear you sing,” and she received her wish, as she often does. Franklin, smiling, glanced at Doris with his piercing blue eyes and began singing, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” It was a priceless moment between these two sweethearts.

Laura and Robin, Heartland Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, were privileged to be present with Doris, Franklin and their daughter Kerry for their special Valentine’s Day and 70th Anniversary celebration. On behalf of the Heartland Hospice team, Laura and Robin presented Franklin and Doris with an Anniversary card signed by the team, heart shaped donuts, an “I Love You” balloon and sweetheart crafts made by the wonderful volunteers. “Creating these memorable moments for our patients and families is what we do each and every day,” said Laura.