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Heartland Hospice Helps Give Back by Organizing Blood Donation

Heartland Hospice serving North Central Indiana recently coordinated a blood drive with their neighbor, Senior Helpers. During these difficult times, Heartland and Senior Helpers wanted to ensure they could give back to those in need in the South Bend area.

South Bend Medical Foundation is a nonprofit medical laboratory that has labs located throughout North Central Indiana. Heartland and Senior Helpers arranged for South Bend Medical Foundation’s Blood Mobile to come to their area to give employees and the community the opportunity to donate blood. Tom Gerard, Heartland Hospice senior account liaison said, “It was our first year doing this and it was nice being able to co-sponsor with our neighbor, Senior Helpers. I encourage all organizations to do something similar. I’ve been donating blood for years and know the importance of donating to help save lives.”

17 people donated blood; 10 of them being Heartland Hospice employees. Stephanie Reed, Heartland Hospice team coordinator, said, “I donated blood because it has been almost two years since the last time I donated, and I wanted to get back into donating regularly. It makes me feel good knowing that I can help my community by doing this.” Tracy Grabill, Heartland’s director of professional services, added, “I have never given blood before. After hearing of the need, especially during this time of COVID-19, I decided it was my time to give. You never know what life brings and I may be in a situation where I need blood and will have to be thankful to the people who have donated for me.”