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Heartland Hospice Music Therapy Provides Music for the Soul


Recently Heartland Hospice serving South Florida patient, Mary, started her music therapy sessions and began to reminisce about the times she played the ukulele as a little girl. When Marianela, Heartland Hospice Music Therapist, heard Mary’s story she decided to bring in her ukulele during one of their sessions. The joy and excitement showed on Mary’s face when she saw the ukulele and began to play a song for Marianela. Mary said how it brought back so many memories, laughs and sentiments from those days. She enjoyed singing and dancing in place listening to the music coming from the ukulele and told a story about living in New York City and seeing Frank Sinatra live.

Heartland Hospice Music Therapy is beneficial to the patient and family as it brings so much joy and can stir memories that are often forgotten.