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Heartland Hospice Quickly Responds to Friend in Need


Carole worked for Heartland Hospice for years and had recently retired. She knew the benefits of hospice care and how it could support a patient and family during such a difficult time. So when her friend of 30 years reached out to her in a time of need, she knew exactly how she could help.

“Karen helped me set up hospice for my dear friend, Claire’s, husband here in Charleston. It was quite a struggle for my friend as her husband was adamant about not having anyone in the house. After many hours of talking with my friend, she agreed. The staff of Heartland Hospice was nothing short of amazing to her and to her husband. Unfortunately he passed away last week but it was with love, I assure you.

From Dory, Sharon, Pilar, Sonia, the chaplain, the social worker and the CNAs, I can’t express how grateful I am to them. His brother publicly thanked Heartland Hospice at the funeral and encouraged those who need it, to please call them.  His comment was that he was sure they loved him as if they were his family.

I am so sad for the loss but so grateful at the same time. I ask that you pass along my thanks to them for us all. I know Claire will be in touch as well. Thank you to Karen for being so quick to respond.

Twice I have needed Heartland Hospice and twice they have been amazing. My heartfelt thanks!”