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Heartland Hospice Serving Fairview Heights Achieves Level Four "We Honor Veterans" Status


Heartland Hospice serving Fairview Heights is pleased to announce their promotion to a Level Four status within the We Honor Veterans Program for their continued care and support of the Veteran population. 

All wars are different and provide unique experiences and often difficulties for the Veterans who served in them. We Honor Veterans was launched by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help improve the care veterans receive from hospice and palliative care providers.

“Visiting with veteran patients is an honor. They genuinely appreciate the time we spend together when we allow each veteran to tell his or her own story,” commented Wayne Loehring, Veteran Volunteer. “Listening is key. When we listen to our veterans and show them how much we care, they humble us by sharing stories about their military experience amidst the tears, laughter and smiles,” added Loehring.

The We Honor Veterans program provides four levels of recognition to organizations that demonstrate a commitment to improving care for veterans. In order to reach Level Four, Heartland was tasked with learning more about caring for veterans, declaring a commitment to honoring veterans at the end of life, providing education for hospice staff and volunteers on caring for veterans and partnering with the VA at the local, regional and national level to ensure the unique needs of veterans are met. 

To learn more about the We Honor Veterans initiative, the steps that our agencies have taken to receive this acknowledgement or to see where other Heartland agencies are at in the process of achieving this honor, visit their website.