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Heartland Hospice Serving Greater Reading Reaches Highest Level of "We Honor Veterans" Program

Heartland Hospice serving Greater Reading, a division of ProMedica, is proud to announce their promotion to a Level Five partner within the We Honor Veterans Program for their continued care and support of the Veteran population. Level Five is the highest level We Honor Veterans partners can attain and includes several new required activities and yearly recertification.

All wars are different and provide unique experiences and often difficulties for the Veterans who served in them. We Honor Veterans was launched by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help improve the care veterans receive from hospice and palliative care providers.

“How do you encapsulate achieving Level Five partnership? First, we work as a team brainstorming ideas to best serve a veteran’s needs. We have ‘never-give-up’ attitudes when preparing a meaningful ‘Welcome Home’ ceremony for our Vietnam Veterans. We host Vet-to-Vet cafes that allow veterans a time to reminisce with each other. We honor our patients individually and listen to their stories about their time in service. We always know there is more to be done to show our respect and care for our veterans. I could go on and on. I am proud to recall all the different lives of veterans we have touched,” said Marty Grimm, Heartland Hospice Bereavement Coordinator.

“Our dedication to the veteran community is undoubtedly attributed to our belief that they deserve the highest level of service and recognition,” added Thomas Ashman, Heartland Hospice Account Liaison. Nancy Aulenbach, Heartland Hospice Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), stated, “The best part of working towards achieving the Level Five partnership over the last year was the interaction with so many veterans in Berks County –  the hand shakes and sincere hugs – something we cannot do right now during a pandemic and something we do not take for granted.”      

The We Honor Veterans program provides five levels of recognition to organizations that demonstrate a commitment to improving care for veterans. Aside from existing partner requirements, Level Five partners place a greater emphasis on staff education and caring for Vietnam-era and combat Veterans. Additionally, Level Five partners take on the role of regional mentor to other We Honor Veterans partners working to enhance their programs. 

“When we set out to create the Level Five program we knew that it had to be different to truly showcase the efforts needed to go above and beyond. Not only has the Heartland Hospice team demonstrated their commitment, but they have helped shape the program and have continued as an example of what all hospice partners should strive to be,” said NHPCO President & CEO Edo Banach.

To learn more about the We Honor Veterans initiative, the steps that our agencies have taken to receive this acknowledgement or to see where other Heartland agencies are at in the process of achieving this honor, visit the We Honor Veterans website.