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Heartland Hospice Social Worker Creates Unforgettable Art for Memorial Service


Nate Snyder, Heartland General Manager of the Central Division, shares the story about a special tribute created for the annual memorial service held by Heartland Hospice serving North Central Indiana:

For this year’s annual memorial service, Heartland social worker, Hillaree Biddlecome created a ceramic heart in a wooden display case to honor patients who had passed throughout the year. When asked how she made the heart, Hillaree responded, “With my hands and a little love.”

The heart was created from 3 slabs of clay. Hillaree did all the clay work and painting while her husband assisted her with the woodworking to create the display case. She worked on the project 3 to 4 hours a week for 6 weeks. [Total project hours combining the clay work, painting and woodworking came to over 35 hours.]

Hillaree recalls, “As I was writing the first names of patients on the heart, it was like a walk down memory lane with the patients we cared for.” Hillaree’s artwork created a very special and emotional   experience for the 80 loved ones who attended the service. Following the memorial, family members and friends waited in line to have their picture taken next to the heart.

“The fact that 80 family members and friends of former patients were in attendance at the service speaks volumes about the type of care and connection the South Bend team provides to their community,” commented Nate. He further added, “It’s no surprise with team members like Hillaree going above and beyond, day-in and day-out to serve so well. We do a lot of really cool things for our memorial services around the region, but this was a little different, so I wanted to share it with everyone.”