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Heartland Hospice Team Thankful for Their Supportive Administrator


Jessica Rosa, Medical Social Worker for Heartland Hospice serving Tidewater wanted to acknowledge Heartland Hospice Administrator, Jessica Pope, for being incredibly supportive, compassionate, kind, understanding and informative during this chaotic time in our world. Jessica has gone above and beyond to communicate with her team every single day about COVID-19 updates from HCR ManorCare, ProMedica and the CDC. Her constant contact has helped calm the team’s anxieties. The Heartland Hospice team is grateful for Jessica’s leadership during this crisis and her ability to model calm, organized and kind leadership.

Below is an example of Jessica Pope’s message to her team:

“I want to thank each and every one of you for the dedication you have shown to your patients and one another! The support I’m seeing everyone give each other is admirable; you all rally around them and help without hesitation.  I know these times can be scary and the unknown is frightening. I know I’ve personally lost sleep with concern for our patients, families and all each of you. Please come to me if you are encountering additional stress during this time regarding work issues, lack of childcare or any other overall issues. I will do my best to get creative and see how we can help! I am so thankful for each of you on this team. You are all set apart and chosen for this work. Thank you for remaining strong and steadfast as we navigate these unknown waters! My door is always open – I will do my best to offer a shoulder to cry on or a laugh to relieve some stress! Our goal is to continue to provide excellent patient care, protect ourselves and our employees and to stay calm! Thank you for being such steady, strong, resilient team members!”