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Heartland Patient and Wife Celebrate 44th Wedding Anniversary


When Anne Francis stopped by the offices of Heartland Hospice serving the Peninsula to thank the team for the wonderful care they were providing for her husband Bill, she didn’t expect what happened next.

During her conversation with Heartland Administrator, Angela Lavigne, Anne mentioned that she had heard that Heartland had nice people who provided good care. “I could not even imagine how truly wonderful you all are until Bill was signed on to your services,” commented Anne. “It’s not that you just care, you do it from your heart!” she exclaimed.  

Anne mentioned their 44th wedding anniversary was in a few days and she wanted to get Bill out of the Coliseum Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center and take him to Outback for a nice lunch. She was having trouble with transportation because Bill is wheel chair bound and could not stand up to get into a taxi. She started to feel overwhelmed as she talked about her husband who has dementia and began to cry as she realized that she looks at him as this is the last for everything – birthdays, holidays and more.

Angela assured Anne that Heartland could help. “We are not going to look at this as being the last,” commented Angela, “it is the present! We will help you get transportation in place for your anniversary luncheon.”

Angela approached Jennifer Duke, Heartland Director of Professional Services, to see if she could reach out to medical transport for assistance. With the help of the Heartland Team, the Francis’ were transported to Outback for a very special 44th Anniversary luncheon. The team signed a card and delivered a bouquet of flowers to Anne and Bill.  A photo of the couple was taken and framed for Anne and Bill.

“This was a truly special day as the team was able to celebrate the 44th wedding anniversary with this beautiful family who we are so privileged to care for, and also remembering that it’s not about the last time but what we make of the present that really counts,” expressed Angela.