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Heartland Patient Receives Heart's Desire to Visit a Farm


When Amy Gernon, RN Case Manager at Heartland Hospice serving the Peninsula asked patient, Walter Veazey what his heart’s desire would be for a special day, he replied immediately that he would love to visit a horse farm and spend time with the animals. Mr. Veazey loved animals all of his life and in his later years volunteered at a local horse farm.

Upon learning about Mr. Veazey’s heart’s desire, Heartland Administrator, Angela Lavigne made a quick call to Carlton Farms. Mr. Veazey was a private man known to be reserved at times, so with this in mind, Amy and Angela made arrangements for him and his wife to spend an afternoon at Carlton Farms and enjoy a picnic without too much attention which would make him feel uncomfortable.

On the special day, Amy set up the most beautiful picnic, spread against the bucolic background of a rider on an Appaloosa, graciously provided by the farm for this special occasion. Mr. Veazey and his wife also had a chance to meet another Appaloosa, named Penelope. Mr. Veazey’s sheer joy from the encounter was evident by the smile on his face as he petted Penelope. Amy commented, “That was the first time since I’ve had contact with Mr. Veazey that I saw him smile.”

At the end of the visit, Mrs. Veazey was visibly moved and thanked everybody for making the day possible. “It’s so nice to see him happy,” she remarked. That afternoon on the farm left her with a treasured memory of her husband during the last days of his life.