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Heartland Patient Receives iPad to FaceTime with Family


When Heartland Hospice serving The Upstate asked patient, Lynette Roman, what would be her one heart’s desire? She responded that it would be for an iPad. When asked why, she explained, “I will be able to FaceTime my children who live in New York as well as see my beautiful granddaughter who goes to school in Florida.”

A native of Long Island, Lynette is currently a resident at Heartland Health Care Center – Greenville East in South Carolina. She is a retired Psych Nurse. For more than 30 years, she worked in state hospitals, nursing homes and home health care. She explains, “I have always loved working with people who are mentally challenged.” Lynette is also the proud mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter who reside in New York. But the absolute light of her life is her beautiful granddaughter who is a dancer and student at the University of Miami.

During the holiday season, Lynette’s family came to visit her but once they left she expressed to social worker, Carmella Puccio just how much she missed seeing her children and that she especially missed attending her granddaughter’s dance recitals. Carmella knew she had to do something to help Lynette. A grant provided by the Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund provided funding for an iPad for Lynette so she could FaceTime her children and live-stream her granddaughter’s recitals.

When Carmella presented Lynette with the iPad she was so happy, she exclaimed, “now I can see my granddaughter’s beautiful face!”