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Heart's Desire - A Dance with Their Father at Arden Courts of Westlake


Arden Courts of Westlake recently hosted a Heart’s Desire for one of their residents, Mike, and his family. Mike is living with advanced dementia and his two daughters, Julie and Hannah, may not have the opportunity to have a dance with him on their wedding days.

The staff at Arden Courts created an opportunity for the family to have these special moments. Mike was dressed in a tuxedo and corsage, his daughters wore dresses and got their hair and makeup done in the salon at Arden Courts. Both Julie and Hannah picked a song they would like to dance with their father too.

The Arden Courts staff also arranged for other members of Mike's family to share in a special dinner, complete with a champagne toast before he danced with each daughter. It was a truly special day that everyone will remember for years to come.