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Heart's Desire at ManorCare Health Services - Whitehall Borough - Perpetual Pirates Fan


Lorraine, a resident of ManorCare Health Services - Whitehall Borough, has always had a love for the Pittsburgh Pirates. She would ask Meredith, Activity Assistant at ManorCare, to help her put the Pirates game on the TV in her room after returning from the group activities. During these interactions, Meredith learned about Lorraine’s collection of Pirates artifacts hanging in her room and discovered her favorite player was Andrew McCutchen.

Meredith is friends with an employee of the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise and inquired about the possibility of obtaining an autographed picture as a special gift for Lorraine. She was able to get a framed, autographed photo of Lorraine’s favorite player, Andrew McCutchen.

When the ManorCare staff presented Lorraine with the framed photo, she said “you are going to make me cry!”