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Hospice Aide Helps Create Special Memory for Patient's Granddaughters


Heartland Hospice serving North Central Illinois and Southern Wisconsin were able to create a lasting memory for their patient’s family. When it was time to receive hospice care, his daughter, Mechelle, was amazed with the care that Heartland gave her father and the care that was shown to her family. Tammy Stout, Heartland Hospice Aide, wanted to do something special for the patient’s granddaughters. Around the patient’s birthday, his granddaughters made him a t-shirt that he wore proudly, as they were his everything. After talking with the patient, he wanted to leave his girls with a little part of him for when they are missing him. He decided to give Tammy his treasured t-shirt so that it could be turn into a memory pillow for his girls. Tammy also had him add his handprint, so the girls could place their hand on his handprint and hold the pillow tight to remember their papa!

Before the patient passed, the oldest granddaughter was searching for her papa’s t-shirt. It broke Tammy’s heart to keep this a secret from the family knowing what he wanted done for his girls. Once Tammy gave the girls the memory pillow, she said, “To watch the girls with tears in their eyes as I gave them the pillow, it was heartbreaking, but also watching them squeeze it tight was so comforting. One of the best parts of why I love what I do.”

“Through the whole time Heartland Hospice cared for my father, they were absolutely amazing! They were so compassionate and were there whenever I needed them! Tammy made a memory pillow with my dad for my girls just weeks before he passed. I cannot even begin to tell you the level of care Tammy went above and beyond to provide for my dad. Not only that, she became a friend to all of us! I am beyond grateful for Tammy and the whole Heartland Hospice team!” said Mechelle.