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Individuals Living With Dementia


Autonomy. Independence. Individuality. Choice. Respect. Dignity. Each of these traits are universally understood to be important to quality of life. Yet a dementia diagnosis challenges each of these qualities.  Safety concerns cloud autonomy and independence. 

Diagnosis seems to limit individuality.  Once I was diagnosed, it was like I was no longer simply John.  Now they see me as John with Parkinson’s. I feel like I am losing my self both inside and out.

Individuals often express how their dementia diagnosis limits their social circle.  The diagnosis reduces the respect and trust they once felt from those closest to them.

Spouses state His world has shrunk, he no longer has the choices he once had. Driving, even a simple walk has become dangerous.

At Arden Courts, we are committed to the individual; to autonomy; to choice; to respect and dignity.  We understand that your loved one is far more than a diagnosis.  In fact, we work with a full range of memory disorders, something other memory care providers limit.  From the moment that our architects applied memory care research to our design, we have maintained our commitment to individuality, to autonomy and to independence.  Honoring the individual’s need for personal space, for interaction, for freedom to be in nature and for choice in social interaction---Arden Courts provides the space, the trained staff, the programs and the balance of medical and social care to optimize life with dementia.

Our researched design was validated in the 90’s and has been reaffirmed in 2016.  Then and now--research shows a higher quality of life for the individual with dementia living in care buildings:

  • That facilitate engagement with a variety of activities, both inside and out,
  • Are familiar,
  • Provide a variety of private and community spaces
  • And the amenities and opportunities to take part in domestic activities.


 A recipe for success provided by Arden Courts for over 20 years. 

Whether your loved one is younger, older; whether he or she has Alzheimer’s, Frontotemporal dementia, vascular, Lewy Body’s, Parkinson’s or some mix thereof---Arden Courts has the ability and expertise to insure life with dementia is a quality life.




Fleming, R., Goodenough, B., Low, L.F., Chenoweth, L., & Brodaty, H.  (2016).  The relationship between the quality of the built environment and the quality of life of people with dementia in residential care, Dementia, 15(4):  663-680.

By-line:  Cate McCarty, PhD, ADC has been collaborating with Arden Courts in a variety of roles since the late 90’s.  Her background in nursing, activities and admissions has given her a passionate commitment to quality of life for the individual and family with dementia.