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Celebrate National Hug Day

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Sometimes you just need a hug, and believe it or not, there is a day every year where giving a hug is encouraged! This June 29, you can celebrate “National Hug Holiday” by giving your family and friends an extra hug of love, encouragement, support or “just because.“

Hugs have proven health benefits according to “Psychology Today.” Loving human touch, or even just horsing around, releases a brain chemical called oxytocin which is said
to help facilitate trust, bonding, love and happiness. It is human nature to like to be touched. It makes us feel happy, accepted and loved, and can even lower heart rate,
stress and blood pressure. We hug the people we love. We hug as a way of greeting people. We hug when we snuggle up next to our partners or children for a movie night. You probably don’t even notice how much you actually enjoy the hugs, and how good the touch feels. You might not even know that hugs are thought to promote social, relational and cognitive development.

give an extra squeeze and soak up the benefits that hugging offers


So, the next time you see a loved one, don’t take that hug for granted. Maybe give an extra squeeze and soak up the benefits that hugging offers. This month especially, give an extra hug or two to let someone know that you care about them. After all, you are just celebrating the holiday… so it can’t be awkward.


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