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You’re Only as Old as You Feel

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Do you ever wish that you could go back and have only the worries of your childhood? Back to the time when deciding whether to play tag, hide and seek or ride your bike was the most difficult decision you would have to make all day? Back
to the time when your parents forcing you to wash the dishes seemed like the end of the world because the sunshine and fresh air was calling to you? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in daily responsibilities as we age. It seems like almost overnight we go from trying to juggle hopscotch, jump rope, kick ball and play catch to juggling
bills, a full-time job, children’s activities and household chores.

Can you avoid growing old at least a little bit?

The responsibilities of adulthood, will most-likely be with you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the bills, work and schedule conflicts. But do you really have to “feel” old? Can you make simple lifestyle changes to keep yourself young? Can you avoid growing old at least a little bit? The answer is



The first step, is to stop using “old” or “older” or “adult” as an excuse. Physically, you are growing older (but everyone is). Mentally, you have the ability to keep yourself
young…as young as you want to feel. Next, you need to think about what would make you feel young again. What did you enjoy doing most before the redundancy of adulthood set in? Maybe it was running through a sprinkler. Maybe, it was playing board games all night. Maybe, it was sitting down and reading a classic book to keep that brain active. Whatever it was, find a way to incorporate those activities back into your life, even in small amounts. Just so you know…the bills and the long grass begging to be mowed will still be waiting for you when you are done taking a minute to enjoy yourself.



Enjoy the Little Things 

Young people are born with the ability to enjoy the little things in life. They have the time and inherent desire to “stop and smell the roses.” As adults, we forget how good the roses smell as our responsibilities increase. It won’t be easy the first time that you take time for yourself and your loved ones, but it will be worth it. You will remember the simple joys of childhood, not just through someone else’s eyes, but through your own. So, bust out the sidewalk chalk, cannon ball into the deep end of the pool, pump up that basketball or dust off the classic board games for a family game night. Clear your mind and be in the moment. We can’t stop the effects of time on our bodies, but mentally, we are only as young as we feel. Trust us, it will be worth it.



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