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James' Neurological Recovery Story

at Heartland


JamesĀ admitted to Heartland forĀ skilled nursing and intensive therapy following a stroke.

"My husband, James, came to Heartland after he had a stroke and a hole in one of his arteries that was surgically repaired. We arranged for him to have rehab and regain strength so he could function on a daily basis. The nursing and rehab departments at Heartland have really done a remarkable job of taking care of my husband, keeping him clean, helping him move and strengthen his hands so he can hold a glass of water and feed himself again. I am really impressed with the progress he's made at Heartland. Occupational therapy has helped him enormously as well as physical therapy. James seems more confident and is more talkative with staff and myself. I visit on a daily basis and I think the whole facility is ran by angels who care. They are compassionate, giving and know how to treat patients." - Mary, wife of James