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Jim's Pulmonary Recovery Story


Patient Profile:

Jim is a 70-year-old male who was hospitalized for pneumonia. He became very weak, had trouble walking and difficulty eating after his trach was removed. Jim was told he could benefit from therapy before returning home.

Post-acute Need:

Jim needed to feel confident moving from his bed to a chair, he needed strengthening to be able to walk safely and speech therapy to help improve his lung health and ability to swallow.

Post-acute Stay: 

At the center, the interdisciplinary team created a care plan to help Jim meet his goals. The nursing team managed his medication, vitals and breathing treatments. The therapy team worked on safe swallowing and breathing exercises, strengthening and balance so Jim could transfer and move safely.

Back to Active:

"I was worried about starting a therapy regimen, but it was a crucial part of my recovery. Now I am back home and feel confident in my ability to get around safely. I'm now able to get back to my neighborhood card game." - Jim

Heartland-ManorCare skilled nursing centers provide a comprehensive regime of specialized rehabilitation services, each one designed to help you achieve your recovery goal.  Find a center near you to learn more about how a post-hospital stay can help you get back to active.