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John's COPD Recovery Story at Heartland Health Care Center - Canton


John, 74-years-old, was hospitalized due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Following his hospital stay, he was admitted to Heartland Health Care Center - Canton for skilled nursing and intensive therapy to regain his strength, balance and endurance.

"When I arrived at Heartland - Canton, I couldn’t walk without becoming tired. Even getting to the end of the bed or bathroom was exhausting. My balance was off and I wasn’t confident when walking. As soon as I met my physical therapists we created a plan and went to work. During physical therapy I was constantly encouraged by my therapists. Heartland got me stronger and I am less fatigued than when I arrived. Not only did my therapists tell me about the exercises I was doing and why it was important to continue to do them, but they also physically demonstrated each exercise. Heartland - Canton provided great services during my stay. Everyone always asked how I was feeling. They cared for me. Because of Heartland I am able to go home and get back to spending time with my family and fishing." - John, Heartland Patient