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Judith's Amputation & Wound Recovery Story at ManorCare Health Services - Lynnwood

"I admitted to Providence Regional Medical Center - Everett for an infection in my foot following a surgical amputation. I then transferred to ManorCare Health Services - Lynnwood on a Saturday for wound care and therapy. My wounds healed in around three weeks and then I was able to begin my therapy. When I first admitted to ManorCare - Lynnwood my mental health was affected due to the whole transition along with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the staff members at ManorCare - Lynnwood made me feel better. They made me feel safe, excited and upbeat about my recovery. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I was not able to see my fiancé. The staff at ManorCare - Lynnwood really helped me through that. Sue and Alma from the recreations department checked in on me almost daily. The therapy department encouraged me through my therapy sessions. My therapists Sarah, Hannah, Hailey, Jim and Anthony all contributed in my therapy recovery at ManorCare - Lynnwood. They really made me feel like I could continue living my life and made me feel like I was at home. On top of that, the housekeepers Ana and Solome kept my room spotless every day." - Judith, ManorCare Patient