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Karl's Recovery Story at Heartland Health Care Center - Canton


Karl, 57-years-old, came to Heartland Health Care Center-Canton due to a debility related to his jaundice and liver disease. During his treatment at the hospital he later found out he was misdiagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and in fact had liver hepatitis (inflamed liver).

Karl admitted to Heartland Health Care Center-Canton completely unable to care for himself. He was unable to sit up in bed without assistance and was told, incorrectly by several hospital physicians, that he had two months to live. 

Progress was slow when Karl first arrived at Heartland. His initial goals were to sit up in bed, to learn how to operate a wheelchair and to lift one-two pound weights. Over the next few weeks, Karl continued to work daily with his therapists to regain his strength, balance and endurance. 

After successfully discharging from Heartland - Canton, Karl walked back into the building, unassisted on to greet and thank all of the nurses and therapist that cared for him during his stay with Heartland.