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Managing the Holiday Blues: Do Something for Someone Else


As much as you look forward to the joy of the holiday season, this time of year can become overwhelming with feelings of pressure, disappointment or unhappiness.  Below are three more coping mechanisms that will help you survive the holiday blues.

Do something for someone else!

Volunteer to serve meals at a shelter or the Salvation Army, contribute clothing, gifts or meal fixings for a needy family, or offer to help out at a nursing home or assisted living community. Find senior citizens who may not have a family or friend close by or who have recently lost a spouse and invite them over for a meal or just to talk.

Get some exercise!

Exercise raises your energy levels and helps fight off depression. If you exercise outside, natural sunlight will give you a boost.

Don't be afraid to try something new or different!

Experiment with new recipes, sign-up for an interesting course, join a club, attend a wine tasting, or try a craft project.