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Managing the Holiday Blues: Utilize Positive Grief Strategies


As much as you look forward to the joy of the holiday season, this time of year can become overwhelming with feelings of pressure, disappointment or unhappiness.  Below are two more coping mechanisms that will help you survive the holiday blues.

Utilize positive grief strategies if this is the first holiday without a loved one.

Choose to do a special tribute or ritual to honor the memory of a loved one by making a memorial gift to a charitable organization, lighting a candle, taking part in a special memorial service, laying a wreath on a grave, or creating a memorial wall in your home with a framed photo or other framed items. Allow yourself to feel sad but, also allow yourself to enjoy positive experiences. Take one day or hour at a time and be flexible as well as sensitive to your feelings and needs.

Know the difference between holiday blues and clinical depression.

You may feel down with the holiday blues but, will not have the symptoms that are associated with depression such as sleep or appetite pattern changes, loss of concentration, constant feelings of worthlessness or self-hatred, preoccupation with death or dying, or loss of interest in friends. Call your doctor if you have depression symptoms.