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Melvin's Stroke Recovery Story at ManorCare Health Services - Pittsburgh

"I am a graduate of Schenley High School and a Vietnam Veteran. I have driven a tracker trailer, built houses and worked as a garbageman in Pittsburgh. After having three strokes, I chose to come to ManorCare Health Services - Pittsburgh for my rehabilitation. I worked with physical and occupational therapy. I listened to my favorite music and sang along during therapy. The therapists helped me go up and down stairs. I wanted to go fast on the exercise bike! I also baked with occupational therapy. The nurses were wonderful. They gave me my medicine on time and responded when I needed them. I went home to my own new apartment where I do my own laundry, cook, listen to music and sing. I am going to become a volunteer at ManorCare - Pittsburgh to share music and my time with patients. While serving in the military, I learned Vietnamese and am volunteering my time to spend time with a patient at ManorCare who speaks Vietnamese. I had a wonderful experience at ManorCare - Pittsburgh.
ManorCare - Pittsburgh made a difference in my life and now I am going to make a difference in the lives of others." – Melvin