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Opal's Pulmonary Recovery Story at Heartland of Bellefontaine


Opal admitted to Heartland for skilled nursing and intensive therapy following a hospital stay for for pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection.

"I admitted to Heartland of Bellefontaine following a hospital stay for an upper respiratory infection and pneumonia. I had a lot of weakness and was very short of breath. When the time came to discharge from the hospital I knew I was unable to return home. I chose to go Heartland of Bellefontaine for a short-term rehab stay to help rebuild my strength.
The best thing about rehabilitating at Heartland was the whole staff being so friendly and caring. I have received such good care, respect and love. They laugh with us and cry with us, they feel what we feel and it is because of them that I have succeeded through my rehabilitation and became a stronger person. I am excited to be returning back home, but it is also sad as I will miss each and every one of you. You are more than friends, you are my family. I am so grateful to the staff at Heartland, they are all champions to me." - Opal