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ProMedica Hospice Serving Monroe and Lenawee Counties Honors Veteran Patient During Pandemic

As our country has been going through some changing and uneasy times due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), ProMedica Hospice serving Monroe and Lenawee Counties patient Charles (Charlie) Scheick, WWII Army Veteran, has experienced even more.

Under normal circumstances, a ProMedica Hospice veteran volunteer would have met with Charlie and his family. They would have shared their military experiences and then the volunteer would have recognized Charlie for his service with a veteran pinning ceremony as part of the We Honor Veterans Program. COVID-19 restrictions have prevented volunteers from being able to make visits so ProMedica Hospice RN Case Manager, Nadine Meyer, was asked to do this honor for Charlie.

Nadine was excited to do this for her patient. With information and guidance on the purpose of the pinning ceremony and certificate Nadine was able to honor and thank Charlie for his service to our country. “It was a wonderful experience. Seeing the look on his face during the pinning ceremony made me realize how important it is to recognize our veterans,” said Nadine.

Nadine and one of Charlie’s daughters enjoyed the stories he shared. He told them how he tried to enlist at 16 years old but was turned away. Then at 18 he officially joined the Army. The three shared a laugh as Charlie told them stories about some mischief he got into while on liberty just before being deployed.  He told them the work he did was classified, yet all these years later, he expressed his frustration with not making it over to a combat theater. Nadine did not miss a beat in letting him know that his job stateside was just as important, and she was thankful for his contribution. She could clearly see his pride and dedication to serve his country.

In addition to recognizing our veteran, ProMedica Hospice also recognizes the caregiver of a veteran with a crimson heart with wings pin. Charlie has two daughters who rotate caring for him and were given the caregiver pin. Trying to stay positive during COVID-19 restrictions, the family says the quarantine has allowed them time to make new memories, and revisit old ones.