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ProMedica Hospice Serving Monroe and Lenawee Counties Receives Wonderful Comment from Family


Working in hospice takes a strong will, a full heart and plenty of compassion. When that compassion reaches our patients’ families, that's when we know we have truly lived out our Mission. ProMedica Hospice serving Monroe and Lenawee Counties recently received a wonderful testimonial from the family of a recent patient citing the compassionate care their loved one received:

My family was given the gift beyond all gifts by acquiring the team who cared for my mom, otherwise known as "Our Angels". This team demonstrates a devoted commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality excellence. What this team gave to my mother and my family is unlikely not found in any medical text book. Such professional judgement, kindness, incredible patient care, hugs, support and love from their hearts added to my mother's life in immeasurable ways. In addition, I was given the gift of being able to be my mom's daughter again. Yes, a gift beyond measure. Thank you from my bottom heart.