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Ron's Recovery Story at MedBridge

at Heartland Health Care Center - Knollview


Ron toured local skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities before his first knee surgery, and chose MedBridge at Heartland Health Care Center - Knollview. Ron successfully went home within a week after his first surgery using only a walker. 

Ron returned to MedBridge at Heartland after his second knee surgery. In less than seven days, Ron was able to walk out of Heartland - Knollview.

"When touring last spring, I took the time to ask questions and ultimately chose Heartland- Knollview for therapy. I have steps at home. How was I going to leave the hospital and go home safely? I knew that I was going to need extra help. If you set goals and work hard the staff here will help you get stronger and be able to go home. I really enjoy this place and all that they've done for me. I would chose Heartland - Knollview for a third time!" - Ron