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Sheila's Orthopedic Recovery Story

at Heartland Health Care Center - Greenview


Sheila needed surgery to replace her left hip. After surgery, she needed assistance with pain management and walking long distances.


Sheila lives in an apartment complex by herself with many stairs. She required physical and occupational therapy to help her with transferring, endurance and walking up and down stairs.


At Heartland Health Care Center – Greenview, the interdisciplinary team created a care plan to help Sheila meet her goals. The nursing team assisted Sheila in managing her pain and ensuring that her surgical wound healed properly. The therapy team provided intensive therapy so Sheila was able to get back to her prior level of function and climb the three flights of stairs needed to get to her apartment. Sheila discharged home walking independently with a cane.



"After my surgery, I felt like I knew what I needed to do to get back to my prior level of activity, but I was wrong! The team at Heartland - Greenview helped me in all facets of my recovery and I cannot thank them enough. The nursing team treated me like a queen, the therapy staff pushed me to meet my goals, and the food was 5-star restaurant quality. I would recommend Heartland - Greenview to anybody, and would never go anywhere else if I need therapy again." - Sheila