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Social Worker Grateful for Heartland Hospice and Their Accessibility


Ayana, a Social Worker in the Raleigh, NC area, had nothing but great things to say about Heartland Hospice Serving Raleigh-Durham.  Below is a letter that she wrote expressing her gratitude for the Heartland Hospice team and their accessibility:

I have had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Heartland Hospice for over 4 years, as I am a Social Worker with a primary patient population that is suffering from cancer. My patients and I have benefited tremendously from the care and compassion provided by the Heartland Hospice team, from the Account Liaison, Care Transitions Nurses, as well as the admissions staff.  I understand that while patients and families have a choice in their hospice providers, I do not hesitate to recommend Heartland Hospice to those facing end-of-life decisions. They offer a level of care unmatched in the field. They serve patients regardless of payer source, DNR status or the choice for continuation of palliative treatments such as radiation and the use of TPN.

Hospital physicians and families continue to comment on the compassion and personal touch of the Heartland Hospice staff. Their Account Liaisons provide their cell phone number to patients and make themselves available 24/7. I have called on weekends and they have been able to pull resources together from the awesome Heartland team to arrange a same day admission for patients in distress. Most recently, the Account Liaison spent 3 hours with one family, not only discussing hospice services, but providing comforting words related to the raw emotion experienced by the family members as they were faced with such a difficult time. Heartland’s team of professionals provide comfort, compassion and respect to all those they interact with. In a fragile time such as end-of-life, these attributes go a long way.


Ayana N. Simon, MSW