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HCR ManorCare Offers “Next Level” Swallowing Therapy

Synchrony Dysphagia Solution Program


Patients suffering from swallowing disorders or ‘Dysphagia’ following a stroke, brain injury, cancer or neurological disease can now find new, treatment options. HCR ManorCare is the first post-hospital provider to offer a revolutionary new service, Synchrony, for the treatment of swallowing disorders.

Dysphagia can lead to serious complications such as dehydration, malnutrition, a higher rate of infection and aspiration pneumonia, as well as increased re-hospitalization and mortality. Without successful treatment, modified diets, tube feeding and other costly management techniques are often required. This new service addresses these issues and has been introduced to help improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals with swallowing disorders.

Recent medical research has shown that guided biofeedback can be helpful in restoring normal swallowing ability. The Synchrony program’s virtual reality assisted biofeedback system allows HCR ManorCare's speech language pathologists and patients to visualize swallowing activity in real time. This important capability helps these therapists evaluate the quality of a swallow to guide therapeutic intervention, while monitoring treatment progress. The system also enables patients to participate in game-like interactive activities that help keep them motivated and interested in the rehabilitation process. Patients consider the activities to be fun and challenging so they tend to exercise harder and longer, ultimately enhancing treatment outcomes.

For more information about HCR ManorCare's new services for swallowing disorders, please contact a facility near you.

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