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How Individual Pursuits at Arden Courts Helps Enrich Residents' Lives


Situation: Prior to Arden Courts, Mark was living at home with his wife where his daily routines were increasingly more challenging, resulting in a real need for moving from home to Arden Courts. Moving Mark to Arden Courts was an extremely difficult decision but was accepted and appreciated by his whole family. Unfortunately, Mark did not share this opinion as he would state, "I do not need to be here, nor am I like any of the others around me."

Programming: Through Individual Pursuits the Arden Courts team encouraged Mark to continue to help others, construct things and be involved in the community's Jewish traditions. Mark's first adventure outside of his room was to help build toy race cars which were donated to a local children's hospital. During this program, Mark met another gentleman with similar interests and a friendship blossomed. Feeling a sense of belonging, Mark's social interaction increased, thus making him feel less isolated.

Results: As the unofficial Mayor at Arden Courts, Mark proudly wears his name tag as the important and valued team member he has become. He now calls BINGO numbers, prepares materials for arts and crafts, gardens, landscapes and helps set the room for Sabbath dinner every Friday evening.


Programs for Individual Pursuits are designed for residents who may choose not to attend or are cognitively unable to participate in structured group programs. 


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